Cake Catalogue

 Choose from our wide selection of standard and mini cakes made everyday by the 180 Degrees Bakery Team. To order from our catalogue items, please browse though our online menu and submit your request to the 180 Degrees Team via the online facilities provided.

Platters for Every Occasion

All of our platters are made with ingredients which are sourced on a daily basis and handled with care to produce both a satisfying and tasteful experience. Please browse through our Platter Catalogue to place your orders or call us directly on 0114401561 should you require customisation.

Home-Styled Meals

We offer workplace catering & deliver Home-styled Meals to your workplace to help you improve employee efficiency and job satisfaction through a consistent source of reliable and delicious food. To apply for Workplace Catering, all you have to do is download our menu and apply online or email us directly to begin your orders.

Last Minute Orders

Left your preparations to the last minute? Choose from one of our express options and have your order ready in 24 hours.

Corporate Catering

Choose from our selection of snacks and meals tailored for Corporate Occasions, Meetings & Events by downloading our Corporate Menu and applying online or via telephone at 0114401561.

Confectionery Products

Take a look at our Confectionery Product List to see all of our confectionery items made in-house on a daily basis. Want to place an order? Email us at or give us a call on 0114401561 to apply.

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